Work place productivity is linked with health. Thus it is important to maintain a good work place which in return will help you to maintain a better focus, improve consistency and will increase energy level.


Pre-employment health service- Screening our employees for heath conditions that may affect the consistency level.
Coustumise Health check packages- Provides you human made preventive health packages to offer suitable profile to your employees and your nature of business
Onsite corporate health packages- Health campus that report common disease/problem by the experts
Helath Risk Assesment- to identify the risk of the short and long term health, we provide systematic evaluation to our employees
Vaccination program- A special program that consist of vaccination packages to protect employees from almost 20 diseases.
Whole Body Package- A perfect Home Health care package which includes a variety of tests for various conditions.
Womens Pack- Home Health care package that provides overall important tests for women, which covers the test of lipid profile, serum calcium, Vitamin D, complete blood count and complete urine examination.

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